I am back



It is finally official – I am back as head coach for a football / soccer team.

This time, after more than two years break from regular club football, I will coach Backatorp IF’s Men’s Team, who plays in the eight tier of the swedish football league system.

It has not been a secret to anyone that I wanted to get back to the pitch. But the timing regarding moving to a new city (Borås), family and a new job hasn’t been right until now. To my delight (but not suprise, mind you), I have had my fair share of offers. It has been flattering, but finally I decided to join Backatorp IF.

There are three reasons for this. First and most important of all was that they offered me the best solution since I am a single dad. I had some opportunities to represent clubs higher up in the league system, but they didn’t fully understand my family situation. My son is only 2,5 years old and needs his father, as much as I want to be with him. Backatorp IF understands this and are also a serious club on many levels.

The second reason is that they have something good going on. They have some talented young players (between 16-17 years old) that wants to develop their skills on the pitch. Something I gladly would like to do and mix this youth players with the more experienced ones.

Finally, Backatorp IF has their home on Hisingen. As some of you know, I have a sweet spot for this island. I regard it as my real home and someday I will move back there. In the meantime, I will coach BIF to glory.

That’s not a bad way to kill time.


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