Futsal has not always been obvious to me.

When I was a little child, I was interested in sports in general. I did not even know that futsal existed until I was in mid 20’s. Until then, I played football / soccer, but it gained it’s fair share with other team sports like ice hockey and handball, sports that Sweden was very good at at the time.

Here I am, for the first time as a Key Instructor for Gothenburg Football Association.

Here I am, as a Key Instructor for Gothenburg Football Association.

I was never a great athlete as a child. I had a great difficulty with my body skills and could not get what I had in my brain through my legs. The current Head Coach of the football / soccer team Liverpool FC, Jürgen Klopp, once said that “I was a Division 3-player in my legs, but I had the brain of a Bundesliga Coach”. A quote I can relate to. I have never played at all in any organized league, whether as juvenile or adult. No major merit, in other words.

However, I was always very fascinated about sports and discovered early on that I was more able to stand aside and observe, analyze and come up with conclusions. Every weekend was spent staring at sports until my eyes were formed as squares. When I was 13 I started to discover my leadership skills when I started a local street hockey team consisting of 8- to 10-year olds. Even though I only played a few lessons at a hockey school, it felt natural to me to coach my neighbors’ children to play organized street hockey.

There and then I realized that you do not necessarily need to have a long history of being a great athlete in order to become a good coach. Being a good leader requires completely different skills. Arrigo Sacchi, the legendary italian coach, once said that “I did not know that I must be a horse in order to become a jockey“, another quote I can relate to. Many great coaches were unsuccesful players but managed to be world class when it came to lead teams.

During my teens, it was not as much sport as I found girls and socializing more interesting, but my interest in football / soccer came back to me when I was 21. After all the years of break from the sport, I became hooked again. I read everything I came across.

* * * * *

How did I get interested in futsal, then?

Everything started in the fall of 2013. I was looking for a new coach assignment in football / soccer when Martin Norén, former chairman of the futsal club Gothenburg City FC, contacted me. He wondered if I was interested in becoming a head coach for their team, a flattering proposal which I unfortunately did not accept. I felt that my knowledge in futsal was poor and that they needed someone with more experience. Occasionally, however, I decided to learn more about the new sport and since then, I have followed the sport’s development closely in Sweden.

What made me become “hooked” on futsal was partly the complex and dynamic tactics, but also the opportunity to develop my coaching. Unlike football / soccer, the game is more flowing and you face many more questions to answer. I like the challenge and that’s why I’ve been more involved in futsal for each year since 2013.

Although I had a successful football / soccer coach career, where I held a UEFA A diploma (second highest level of football / soccer coaching ladder), I left football / soccer in 2016 in favor of futsal coaching. Since then, I have invested all my energy in futsal. I have been going to the official futsal training course in Sweden and have also achieved success in the sport here.

Until recently, I was the Key Instructor at Gothenburg Football Association where I delivered training sessions for young futsal players. For the moment though,  I focus my energy in my expert & blogger-role for Futsalmagasinet, Sweden’s largest news portal of Futsal. Occasionally, I am also an expert commentator during the webcasts of SFL (Swedish Futsal League) games.

This means that I am available for a new coach assignment, if the offer and club is the right one. You can contact me HERE if you want to give me a proposal.

Me, at the far left, during a broadcast where I was an expert commentator during an SFL game

So, as you can see – 100 % futsal and nothing else.

You can read more about my previous work and career at my Resume page:

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What is my big, big goal?

Not long ago, it was to become  world champion, but I’m not as sure anymore.

Futsal is an wonderful sport. The only downside is that so few people know of it. Therefore, I regard it as my task to first and foremost spread the sport to as many people as possible. Get more people to get eyes on it and to love it as much as I do.

In addition, I want to increase the level of education among players, leaders and spectactors. This is especially applies to coaching, but also in tactics and other areas. Put on all the courses I’ve gone, the experiences I have and my great interest in coaching and leadership as subjects and I think I’m well suited for this. That’s why this website exists, to spread my thoughts and ideas about futsal in general but about coaching in particular (as the slogan in header says, basically).

If I then become a head coach for a great tam and we become successful it’s a plus, but spreading futsal and increasing the education level is the primary for me. I realize that these goals are not specific, but on the other hand, incredibly inspiring ones. It is always possible to have more people interested in futsal and you can always raise the level of knowledge.

Sky is the limit!

* * * * *

Via this blog, I will share my daily activities. There will be reflections on my continued development, my thoughts about the game and leadership, more in-depth analysis and of course also a dialogue with your readers.

If you want to exchange ideas, thoughts or even contact me about a job opportunity in your association / club, you are cordially invited to submit either a classic e-mail to me at hello@johansolinger.com, contact me in shorter form on Twitter via my account @johansolinger or why not a phone call to +46 763 690970?


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