All great leaders, whether they are presidents or managers, have their own philosophies on how to lead other people and get them to work towards a common goal.

As a part of my coach education, I got the opportunity to define, express and present my leadership philosophy.

Below is my leadership documents:
My leadership philosophy – Johan Solinger – 161031
SUMMARY – My leadership philosophy – Johan Solinger – 161031

For those of you who want to have a short text version in your web browser, below is my guiding principles that I work with in my leadership as a football / soccer / futsal coach.

How do we behave towards each other?
Each player must know what is expected of him / her.

What attitude should we have towards each other?
What time should we meet?

My task as a leader is to be as clear as possible about what I expect from my players, both socially and individually on the pitch. Therefore, it is required that I, as the leader, set up clear guidelines on how the group should work for us to tighten in the same direction.

Clarity makes everyone aware of what is expected of them and what they can demand of each other and their leaders. Creativity spurred by clear guidelines.

For me it is completely unthinkable to lead without showing commitment. How will the other be able to feel alive if I as a leader have an awkward body language, monotonous voice and look like I hardly care?

To create a dedicated group, I need to take the lead and show that I want something with the group. There is a phrase in the CBT-related sports psychology that goes like “Move your ass and your mind will follow”, which basically means that your thoughts can change by your actions. If I, with my whole body and voice, show what I want to achieve,  the emotions and thoughts within the group will change.

I believe in a group that is committed, focused and concentrated. In this way, it will also be fun to go to trainingsessions and games.

I am the leader who decides what and how we should do things to achieve our goals. This means that I have the last word, but it does not mean that I do not believe in interaction between players and staff members.

For me, it is incredibly important that the players dare to express their opinion, given that the forum and the time is right, of course. If they do not tell us how they feel, I will never understand how they think. Therefore I try to advocate a climate conducive to dialogue.

That said, I am the leader who takes decisions, but I always have my door open and ready to listen to other viewpoints. I do not necessarily sit on all the answers, but the group together certainly does.

* * * * *

Of course there are many more things that permeates my leadership, but these three words are my main ones.

If you would like me to present my full leadership philosophy for your club / association, please contact me at or +46 763 69 09 70.

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