Pics from London


It’s picture time!

As some of you may know, I visited London over the christmas holidays. Partly to visit some coach colleagues, partly to make some educational visits to a handful of London clubs. Luckily, most of the clubs I asked were more than happy to welcome me.

So, this blog post will be a little different. Now, it will be more pictures than words for a change. I guess some of you will be happy over that fact…


The first stop at my trip was Leyton Orient. They currently play their games at The Breyer Group Stadium in the northeast of London. It was an unusual experience to watch a non-league game. I haven’t heard so many swear words in my life, either before or since then. Very genuine. Funny fact: Leyton Orient was the first club that I managed in Championship Manager 94 / 95. Oh, does memories… And hours I won’t get back. 


I didn’t have high hopes for the visit at Stamford Bridge. My view on Chelsea has been that it is a very “plastic” club, but oh, I was so wrong. They really cared about their former heroes. This is the old wall where the old stands were. On the wall, they have pictures of former CFC-heroes.


Peter Osgood was / is a good for CFC fans. Here as a statue outside Stamford Bridge. Not a statue (or even a picture) of José Mourinho though… I talked with some of the staff at CFC and they admitted that Mou is their greatest manager of all time, but they don’t like him very much. Their favourite? Carlo Ancelotti.

In the CFC dressing room. In the corner, a whiteboard with the text “How to win”. I guess Sarri’s men didn’t listen, cause they losed against Leicester the day before…


Outside Unai Emery’s office at Arsenal Training Ground. Too bad he wasn’t at work that day.


Dennis Bergkamp is perhaps the greates Arsenal hero of all time. Here, he is a statue outside Emirates Stadium.


During my visit at Fulham, I wasn’t allowed to sit on the bench during the game. Instead, I was placed behind this camera man the whole game against Wolves. Cozy stadium, though.